: Kissed: Belle; Sunlight and Shadow; Winter’s Child (Once Upon a Time) (): Cameron Dokey: Books. Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and love grow stronger—in three romantic fairy tale retellings from the author of Once. Belle lacks her. Buy a cheap copy of Kissed book by Cameron Dokey. Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and love grow stronger—in three romantic fairy tale retellings.

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Kkssed books from this author: Winter’s Child is a retelling of the Snow Queen. It is not difficult to follow the change in narrator in the stories.

Sammy Sim rated it it was ok May 23, The story of them isn’t long either. For one thing, the North Wind needs to mind its own business. I enjoyed these spins on fairy tales, though I have to admit that I’m not sure the cover is all that representative of the contents.

Kissed by Cameron Dokey | Scholastic

It felt very forced. That is my name.

A place it enters of its own free will. Lisa Lemus rated it it was ok Jan 30, I kind of stopped caring because there really weren’t any villains and I would have felt there was no reason to keep reading had it not been for Lapin, who admittedly dojey me up at times.

I do not want to spoil it for people who have not read the book yet, but I’ll say that I read how The Snow Queen ended right after I finished the book, as it is the last story, and I’ll say that I like how the real story ended.


Cameron has one husband and three cats, and is th Cameron Dokey is an American author living in Seattle, Washington. If you want to give it a go, just read it. Think about it for a moment.

She was no more than nine years old—which would have made me seven and Celeste eleven, just so you know where we are. And that is why I rated it 4 out of 5 stars. This story is different and I like it.

The twist here is Belle has two beautiful older sisters and compared to them, she is dokeyy. Without that then where’s the point of the story? And I don’t like how it ends. Through hardship, she looks for the meaning of Beautiful.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but having read Robin McKinley’s various Beauty and the Beast stories, this story just doesn’t come close to any of them.

Kissed is a bind-up of three retellings by Cameron Dokey. kisswd

Ziqin Ng rated it it was ok May 27, I would love to have seen this become a series. Kissed Trade Paperback Both are extraordinarily beautiful, that Belle always feels inferior compared to them.

Not something I like to read about since the portrayal of Hell is quite sweet compared to the ones religion speak off. Perhaps the part that Belle asked her father to bring home the branch that fell on his shoulder and the one that brought all the trouble?

Catherine Ritchie rated it it was ok Jun 19, The thief, who turned out to be not much older than Celeste, had come to steal the brace of silver candlesticks that always stood on the sideboard in our dining room.


Kissed: Belle / Sunlight and Shadow / Winter’s Child

I harboured a deep anger about how the other stories ended. I felt that we did not adequately understand Belle’s relationship with the Beast because he was only mentioned pages in and the book was only about pages.

Dec 31, A. The beast doesn’t appear until late late [so late] in the story. Overall, I really enjoyed this one. Overall, the story in this book aren’t that great to me.

Kissed: Once Upon A Time Omnibus Belle/Sunlight and Shadow/Winter’s Child

If I could change anything about this story it would only be that it had been longer To the astonishment of all concerned, Dominic took to the sea like a sailor born. Yet as Mina and her prince encounter trials of love and fate, Mina must summon the strength to find her own happiness.

I actually wish I didn’t now I understand that this book is a retelling older fairy tales, such as The Beauty and the Beast, The Magic Flute, and The Snow Queen, but it was written in the way the authour felt the story should of ended.

I think out of all of them, I think I like Winter’s child. It can’t be that bad or frightening.