Kitab-ı bahriye (Turkish Edition) [Pirı̂ Reis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hardcover Editors: Translator: pages. In between his wars, he retired to Gallipoli to devise a first World map, in , then his two versions of Kitab I-Bahriye ( and ), and then his second. English: Originally composed in AH/AD and dedicated to Sultan Süleyman I (“The Magnificent”), this great work by Piri Reis (d.

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Before crossing into today’s Tunisia, Piri Reis notes the presence of lions in the Bone Annaba region p.

Category:Piri Reis, Kitab-ı Bahriye (Walters MS 658)

The first dates from and the second from five years later. Piri Reis must have seen the Hammadite palaces and was so impressed by them before they were destroyed by the Spaniards when they took the city note 2 page Marseilles, its port and coastline, receive bahrihe focus; and from there, it is said, French naval expeditions are organized and launched.

A Propos du livre d. Die verschollene Columbus-Karte von in einer turkishen Weltkarte vonBerlin, bahriy GallipoliOttoman Empire.

History, op cit, vol 2, book one, pp Piri Reis was born towards in Gallipoli. To Cape Cartage, also called cape Marsa, uninterrupted anchorage is secure, and ships can winter kkitabi over the ports. Piri Reis begins his exploration of Tunisia proper with Tabarka, drawing attention that safe anchorage is on the western side, where it was navigable, bahrihe water deep enough.

Etudes Islamiques, Vol 41, pp In Harley’s, alongside Soucek’s article, are beautiful maps and charts of the island of Khios, the Port of Novograd, the city of Venice, the Island of Djerba etc.

Piri Reis – Wikipedia

Vahriye recent voluminous work by Harley and Woodward, by far the best on the subject, shows in rich detail, the meritorious role of Muslim cartography and nautical science. Special emphasis is given to the discoveries in the New World by Christopher Columbus and those of Vasco da Gama and the other Portuguese seamen on their way to India and the rest of Asia.


There are many differences between the two. Retrieved 29 April Byhe was again at vahriye as a ship captain in the Ottoman fleet.

Revelations is historically impressive”. The following other wikis use this file: Piri Reis moves onto Jijel and the region around, noting that it was under the rule of Bejaia prior to the Spanish take overunder the protection of Aroudj Barbarosa p. Mantran’s 50 study although adequate is less worthy than Soucek’s, which is here relied upon. They were the natural base of the Turks led by Kemal rais, and amongst whom was also Piri Reis.

Mystery surrounds his long silence from betweenwhen he made the second of the two maps, and his re-appearing in the mid 16th as a captain of the Ottoman fleet in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The matter of Piri Reis’ World Maphowever exciting, can be the object of a subsequent study; here, focus will be placed on his Kitab i-Bahriye.

Seamen of the Ottoman Empire. Olschki,pp By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

File:İstanbul, 1629 (Kitab-ı Bahriye).jpg

Islamic Charting, op cit, at p. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first was primarily aimed for sailors, the second, on the other hand, was rather more a piece of luxury; which Piri Reis bahrite as a gift to the Sultan.

The harbor of Tunis itself is a bay which opens toward the north, and anchorage, he points out, is seven fathoms deep, the bottom even, and the holding ground good. But in confined spaces they will a pilot. This aspect, however, like much else of Islamic science has been completely set aside. It is therefore impossible to include on the map a number of symbols, such as those showing cultivated and derelict places, harbours and waters, reefs and shoals in the sea, on what side of the aforementioned harbours they occur, for which winds the harbours are suitable and for which they are contrary, how many vessels they bahrije contain and so on.


Interestingly it also refers to the European voyages of discovery, including the Portuguese entry in the Indian Ocean and Columbus’s discovery of the New World. La Chasse et la faune cynegetique en Tunisie, Tunis,p.

Maps of the Ancient sea Kings, Philadelphia, Permission Reusing this file. This page was last edited on 4 Mayat Archived from the original on Kitxbi Kerkenna, however, he notes, is the constant threat of European pirates, especially where waters are deep enough to allow hahriye incursion of their large boats. Kjtabi de Kitab I-Bahriye: Annales Islamologiques, 17, pp.

Turkish seamen used those southern shores to rest between their expeditions to the north and to the West, and often wintered in one of the harbors or islands, and this is how Piri Reis became familiar with these shores p.

The island of Kerkena offers excellent bahriyw conditions regardless of the severity of the sea storms; hence an ideal place for wintering p.

A propos, op cit, pp Apart from the maps, the book also contained detailed information on the major ports, bays, gulfs, capes, peninsulas, islands, straits and ideal shelters bahriyf the Mediterranean Seaas well as techniques of navigation and navigation-related information on astronomy, together with information about the local people of each country and city and the curious aspects of their culture.

By Revelationsdespite his earlier conflict with the Assassins, Piri joined the Ottoman Assassin Brotherhood in to serve as a scholar and technician, and even eventually progressed to the rank of Master Assassin.