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One would think that with all the books she had to read about religion to become a nun, that would become pretty evident and basic. Retrieved Jun 26, Imagine a mother who, having had a girl out of wedlock, condemns all her faults and frustration on her daughter. I found it difficult to believe that for most of her stay at the second convent that she would be singled out and harassed. Suzanne’s supplication to god in the wake of being discovered conflicting with her hallowed promises was in the list Imagine Jane Eyre in a anti-Catholic propaganda setting, where she’s forced to be a nun, but she is also a rebellious, innocent little creature.

To download the novel? There are segments of dialogue as there are intervals of narration, balanced on the whole; there are moments of omniscience in what is otherwise a monologue, with some free indirect discourse, to boot; there are epistolary appeals to the reader.

Open Preview See a Problem? I see a well-written book which I am unable to like due to monqca content. Kate Hostovecky rated it did not like it Sep 14, His views on religion may have had something to do with the death of his sister. At times it seemed as if Diderot was almost enjoying describing her torture at the hands of other nuns.

The book more likely than not made genuine destruction for managing homosexuality back in eighteenth century that coordinated against the catholic church. Theresa spreads a rumor that Susanna is possessed by the Devil, and locks her in a rat-infested dungeon, then tricks the poor girl into drinking a substance that makes her feverish. View all 3 comments. In one sense it’s similar to Sade, corruption of an innocent person and gruesome background.


Characters are clearly unhealthy in their evilness but with guidance the framework could survive. The Mother Superior is sexually attracted to Susanna, which makes her lover Sister Theresa insanely jealous.

She is, in effect, disinherited and with no choice packed off to join a convent. As a philosopher Diderot speculated on free will and held a completely materialistic view of the universe; he suggested all human behavior is determined by heredity. At least her confessor is the only good character.

La Monaca by Denis Diderot (2 star ratings)

In the second nunnery, she quickly becomes the favorite of her new Mother Superior. See 1 question about La Monaca…. Nikita Richards rated it did not like it Oct 06, Perhaps the only character to whom she should’ve trusted her story. Erich Springer rated it it was ok Sep 22, It at times comes off monaa Suzanne is actually in love with dkderot Mother Superior the same can be said of Therese who acts like the desperate ex-girlfriend who keeps trying to get her former lover back.

I have nothing really negative to say about this book — but then I have nothing to say, really, about this book at all. Everyone is jealous of her. Burcu Mkk rated it did not like it Feb 14, It’s decided that to save on costs, Suzanne will enter a convent.

Manzoni e Diderot: la Monaca di Monza e la Religieuse; saggio critico

Lists with This Book. For example, “A novice-mistress is always the most indulgent sister who can be found. I believe, anyway, that if I were asked to revise this novel through a postmodern lens, I would be persuaded to ignore the offensive aspects, religiously speaking, and probably complain at the rape culture promoting, the lesbophobia and misogyny that is present in the treatment of women as jealous, narcissistic, competitive hungry women.


It seems as if Sr. Italian theatrical release poster. The problem with Suzanne is that she’s way too inocent and does not understand the sinful nature of dieerot.

I hope by the time I pass this goddamn 18th c. When the Mother Superior contracts tuberculosis, the vile Theresa takes command of the monastery temporarily and misuses her power to make Susanna’s life a living hell.

La Monaca by Denis Diderot (1 star ratings)

Thank you and good night. Arianna rated it did not like it Jun 27, The monastery is a weird place however, since the nuns are constantly horny and spend most of their time masturbating and flogging themselves. Indre rated it it was ok May 20, Diderot makes some pertinent and thoughtful points and is clever enough to do it in a way which lays bare the corruption of the structures without necessarily condemning the essence – the nun herself is a devout Catholic – she just doesn’t want to be a nun – and it’s interesting that the work was never on the Index of books banned by the papacy unlike the rest of Diderot’s oeuvre.

There were no chapters, which really bothered me for some reason. Oriana rated it it was ok Mar 12, The fat lesbian Mother Superior is comically absurd, and the nun’s innocence at the Reverend Mother’s orgasm while touching her up seems designed to tickle the fancy of Diderot’s readership his male readership especially.

The fact that this was set within the Catholic church in the late s only added to prejudices and confusion. It is probably well written and lz central story is not far-fetched.