Lalita Sahasranama (IAST: lalitāsahasranāma) is a text from Brahmanda Purana. It is a sacred text to the Hindu worshippers of the Goddess Lalita Devi, i.e. the. Lalita Sahasranama (IAST: lalitāsahasranāma) is a text from Brahmanda Purana. It is a sacred Lalita Sahasranamam contains the thousand names of the Hindu mother goddess Lalita. like tu, api, ca, and hi, which are conjunctions that do not necessarily add to the meaning of the name except in cases of interpretation. Sir lalitha sahasranamam meaning Telugu lo telusukovalani cheyali a web site lo kuda Telugu lo meaning please give your suggestion.

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His second film, Mysskin ‘s Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum also fetched critical acclaim, with a critic from Sify.

sahasranwma However this incident upset Paramashiva and he entered into deep meditation. She is glittering with red garlands and ornaments. The gods then praised her.

Lalita Sahasranama

She had a nose with studs that shone more than the stars, ears with the sun and moon as studs, cheeks which were like the mirror of Padmaragabeautiful rows of white teeth, and she was chewing thambula with camphor. Wikimedia Commons has media related telkgu Lalita Sahasranama.

Arunam Karuna thrangitakshim dhrutha —pasangusa-pushpabana-chapam, Animadhibhi-ravrutham mayukai —raha mityeva vibhavaye Bhavanim.

In the center of Srinagara is the Maha Padma Vana The great lotus forest sahasranamq within it the Chintamani Griha The house of holy thought ,In its north east is the Chid agni kunda and on both sides of its eastern gate are the houses of Manthrini and Dhandini. Shodashi also refers to the sixteen syllable mantra, which consists of the fifteen syllable panchadasakshari mantra plus a final seed syllable. In the sixteenth lives Varahi alias Dandini who was her commander in chief.


Lalita is the name of one of the eight principal gopis within traditional Gaudiya Vaishnava worship of Radha and Krishna. In the Sri Chakra are the following decorations viz. Her consort is Maha Kameswara Shiva. It subsequently went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamilas well as Best Film at both the Vijay Awards and the Filmfare Awardswhile a reviewer from The Hindu praised his performance, adding “he has large eyes that reveal the right amount of innocence.

Lalita resides in Yavat and is famous for being Radha’s constant companion. You can get the CD from here: Sree nagara had 25 streets circling it. This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for personal study and research.

This divine couple is named as Kameshwari and Kameswara. Na aanandani avadhulu levu. Among the Gopis, Lalita and Vishaka are considered to be the foremost. Aa nerchu konna krutulato yippudu anukshanam aa Kamakshi devi ni koluchu kontunnanu.

Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. Lalitha sahasranamsm lo prati line ki oka prateyaka phalitam vundi kada sir, aa vivaramulu ekkada dorukutayi?

Further, in order to maintain the meter, sahasranama s generally use the artifice of adding words like tu, api, ca, and hi, which are conjunctions that do not necessarily add to the meaning of the name except in cases of interpretation. They are made of iron, steel, copper, lead, alloy made of five metals, silver, gold, the white Pushpa raga stone, the red Padmaraga stone.


I like ur lalitae namostutae vmuch sir…. Kalyani August 9, Leave a Reply. She is surrounded on all sides by powers such as aNimA for rays and She is the Self within me. She is painted with kumkuma on her forehead and is red and tender like the japa flower.

Etymologically, “Lalitha” means “She Who Plays”. Tripurasundari is the primary goddess associated with the Shakta Tantric tradition known as Sri Vidya As ShodashiTripurasundari is represented as a sixteen-year-old girl, and is believed to embody sixteen types of desire. ParaShakthi rode in the center on the chariot of Sri Chakra.

In the root form vyutpattithe word “Lalitha” means “spontaneous” from which the meaning “easy” is derived and implicitly extends to “play”. Brahmasri Mylavarapu Srinivasa Rao.

Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram Telugu Meaning

T Sreelatha October 16, Leave a Reply. Within Vaishnava theology and Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, Lalita is amongst the eight principle Gopisknown as ‘Sakhis’ or friends of Srimati Radharani, Lord Krishna’s highest loving consort.

She is renowned for her “mana”, or pure loving anger.