LEY 16998 PDF

Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad . Se exceptúan del período de prueba previsto en el artículo 13 de la ley general del trabajo de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad. General Labour Act (Ley General del Trabajo), of 8 December , published by . 16, on hygiene, occupational safety and wellbeing §8.

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Act of 17 September to amend and supplement the Act on protection against family violence.

In particular, the Law amends articles concerning the crime of human trafficking and concerning people smuggling. Specifies types and means of work in the tourism sector.

Article 50 further deals with responsibility within the mining company for occupational safety and health. Amends article 20 on definitions, article on witnesses, article on security measures. Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el que se dicta la Ley General del Trabajo. Regulations of 3 August on medical supervision of person subject to ionizing radiation at work. Act of 21 December on protection against noise.

Act of 10 July on Fisheries. Contains provisions regarding the entry of foreigners, conditions for the approval of entry, letters of invitationfinancial means, travel documents for foreigners, types of stay including temporary stay, different types of visa for employment and study and permanent stay, request for stay, its prolongation and denial of request, as well as necessary identification documents required for foreigners.


Determines the system of obligatory contributions for financing pension and invalidity insurance, health insurance, unemployment and child insurance, as well as calculations of the contributions and supervision.

NATLEX Browse Country Profiles – Bolivia, Plurinational State of – Basic laws

Amends article on 16989 provisions for assistance in criminal 16989 terrorist activities. Determines conditions, means and procedure for determining the status and rights of veterans, leu disabled and family members of killed soldiers, procedure for obtaining financial support, and other questions relevant for obtaining rights.

Decree supreme of May the 1st of Regulating effects of non-observance of security in employment of parents http: Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 4 April on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Act of 18 October on protection against family violence. S Night work Women workers in general shall be employed only during the day. Nevertheless, if the work place involves efforts that affect their health, Pregnant worker deserve special treatment that allows them to develop their activities in appropriate conditions, without affecting their salary level and status in the workplace.

Act of 16 December to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal 1698, detention and other measures Text No. Defines general directions for the development of vocational training by identifying the role of the Ministry of Education and educational institutions. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 23 December on pension and disability insurance.

Regulations of 11 June on the protection of victims of human trafficking Text No. Amends, inter alia, article 21 a, b, c, d, e, f on qualifications and education of trainees for employment in detention centres. Bolivia, Estado Plurinacional de – – Ley. Amends article 7 on names, article 9 on conditions to start associations, articles 14 and 21 on merging and dividing associations, article 32 on register, and article 47 on financial reports.


Defines and regulates copyrights in the fields of literature, arts and sciences, content of copyright and other rights of author, limits on author’s rights, relation between author and property rights, contract law, special provisions for different types of copyrights. Amends articles 32, 40, 42 and 86 on selection process for candidates, and article 86 on retirement.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 15 December on consumer protection. Act of 23 December on war veterans, war disabled and members of families of soldiers killed in the war to defend the homeland. 61998

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Act of 3 July on protection of persons reporting corruption Official Gazette No. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act No.

Act of 17 July on Voluntary Work. Please contact us if you have updated information. Decree Supreme No that creates an incentive- bonus mother-child for a safe motherhood.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 23 December to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance.