After the groundbreaking decision1 from the Constitutional Council of France, last month against the three strikes law adopted in May, the. Demonstrations and protests against the Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet (HADOPI) law. 1 reference. But the correct inferences to draw are that HADOPI and Ley Sinde are just an expensive waste of time, and that people don’t expect to get.

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Charges based on worthless proofs The proposed bill gives the HADOPI powers of judicial police that give the executive agency the ability to make statements of alleged copyright infringements through the collection of IP address on peer-to-peer networks.

France’s HADOPI 2 Passes

In addition, the internet access subscriber is invited to install a filter on his internet connection. Cookies enable us to collect information that helps us personalise your experience and improve the functionality and performance of our hadopk.

The European context Print this article 5. Because it’s shitty law that inhibits potential monetisation of content, both legitimate and otherwise?

Ley Sinde – Wikipedia

It’s just a matter of the recording and film industries offering the public what they want, in a form they want, at a reasonable price.

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The bill is all the more alarming given the fact that the simplified procedure would not allow for a thorough judicial examination of the validity of the proof. The law passed without political alliances, discussion or negotiation in December and came into force in March Intellectual property law change and process: Ley Sinde continues to face strong opposition among the Spanish public as of February The law would have probably passed unnoticed, had it not been for Internet associations that reacted publicly.


The content of the website was criticised as misleading. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Test drive our new responsive design! The same forces behind these domestic U. They managed to turn TPB, Dotcom into martyrs and symbols to an entire new generation.

HADOPI raises from the dead, still as flawed – La Quadrature du Net

First, issue a [Government of Spain] announcement stating that Internet piracy is illegal, and that the copyright levy system does not compensate creators for copyrighted material acquired through peer—to—peer file sharing. The power to impose fines or other sanctions on repeat gadopi remains in effect. In Spain executive power is held by the government which is considered separate from the legislative power vested in the two chambers of parliament. One of the most publicized protests occurred at the Goya Awards Spain’s equivalent of the Academy Awards in February The three changes described above are coordinated to fit the functions of the newly hadopl Commission of Intellectual Property.

Yu identifies three forms of policy laundering: First, European directives set a broad and specific pace for development of policies on intellectual property. Individuals identified by the post reported receiving harassing phone calls and, in one instance, a death threat. Our Cookies and Privacy Policy.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Information from meetings among the bill authors and political authorities, as became publicly available. Although public debate delayed final approval of the Law Sinde, it did not affect its outcome. The importance of freedom of expression is not only relevant for the civil society and civic life but also for the production of knowledge.


Failures by Glyn Moody Tue, Feb 19th 9: Ley Sinde would have taken perhaps the same path as the French law, had it not been revealed that there was at least another actor intervening in the process. The secretive character of the Bill was exposed by social media activity which gave voice to public discontent and caused significant delay.

No really, it’s a complete and utter hadoopi. Spanish law Computing legislation Copyright enforcement Internet in Spain. Use markdown for basic formatting.

I don’t think the word “obsessed” means what you think it means The first of the modified aspects, the LSSI, applied the EU Directive of the Telecoms Package by which the Internet service providers leu be incorporated, or called to cooperate by the courts in case of unlawful behaviour hado;i their clients.

The more the merrier I say. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat Embassy in Spain and the Special Report publicly expressed concerns of the U.

From tothis report referred to Spain as one of the countries of concern. Those numbers are especially impressive when you take the population of those nations into account.