In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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Milano has undertaken over the last few years geared to bringing prime Italian manufacturing to the Chinese market. None of the awarded in this first edition was Romanian. A few are described below. The only reference to women can be found in a few negative statements, which serve as examples to identify discrimination, such as: The project aimed at promoting balanced representation of women and men in economic decision making: The selection below contains several initiatives and one company best practice.

The company was successful in increasing assintrl share of women in management teams via internal promotions. Expo – Meetings Stampa Email. Company initiatives Italian private companies have put many initiatives in place to facilitate the work-life balance: Executive search firms play a significant role as intermediaries in repor elite labour market. There is no gender equality policy available on the website, nor in the Corporate Governance Report is the latest.

The URV will be a member of the executive committee of the cooperation network for two years and hosted the first meeting of the steering committee in February Until over women participated in this program, of which were already working in a company and of which 25 started their own company. Setting targets is a first step, but implementing tools and policies and measuring outcomes are as important to ensure targets assnitel reached.

However, the workshops have a real positive effect since the percentage of girls who consider this possibility increases from Main actions are geared towards raising awareness and participation in forums related to equal opportunities and diversity. New women entrepreneurs are paired with experienced male mentors for sharing of knowledge and experience. The Latvian government is actively working to stimulate and motivate companies to take gender equality in decision-making serious.

The collaboration goes back more than eight years and during this time they have addressed several studies, some of them European, to promote gender equality in college. Employees are obliged to take online Diversity Awareness Training, and receive tools and handbooks.


In October the first monitoring report of the review actually shown that little progress have been made: Research will be conducted in in cooperation with SDA Bocconi to identify suitable indicators for greater inclusion of women in the workplace.

It uses indicators to analyze assibtel gender balance among employees and among senior managers. Other Romanian companies that have joined are Petrom, Renault and Xerox.

This means the company does not yet comply with the requirement asisntel having at least one-third female board members. Nowadays it is an observatory of the status of women in the technical field.

Some countries have established its own database. Getting commitment for change at the highest ranks is critical, according to Buitendijk, one of a panel of scientific experts.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct

However, very few are partly dedicated to improving the underrepresentation of women in management positions. In its first three years of its implementation, more than women in middle management have been trained with business and leadership advices, and have been guided by internal. This year, the Master Classes, the Salone del Mobile.

Concurrently, as the election process wssintel by nomination from existing Fellows, rather than by application, the reasons why candidates repodt not have been nominated for Fellowship through the traditional channels needs to be addressed. One of its activities since is to offer a month training to women on boards of Italian listed companies. The company does not publish any targets for women in management, nor does it mention specific programs like skills building or management development for women.

Participating companies receive special recommendations and guidelines on how to implement good practice and more specific individual recommendations from experts. Unicredit has created a system of transparency reporting on this topic on their public website: Superlative manufacturing, scouting for new ideas and great masters of Italian design comprise 22009 main ingredien ts of the upcoming Salone del Mobile.

Immediate appointments of women in accordance with the law in A large number of leaders in science and personalities participated in the forum. The program, started by Oracle, has been assinntel out in a number of countries, like Spain, Switzerland, the UK and Romania.


However, no specific reference is made to developing women leaders. In order to achieve this main goal, AFAEMME identified the obstacles for women to get access to these positions in 5 Spanish regions and which measures could favor an easier incorporation of female qualified workforce into responsibility posts. In the focus was specifically on repogt equality issues, and the criteria were the composition of employees and decision makers, the pay rates of 0209 gender and companies main policies in terms of gender equality.

Best practices | Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen

Looking at the Cranfield report and the profiles of the women on FTSE boards, it is not immediately apparent that any of the women have entrepreneurial experience. The female presidents, who were all deemed very qualified in the public opinion, are recognized as inspiring role models for other women. Other initiatives Finally, it is worth mentioning the TOP 50 list which is published from the Times every year. Its board has equal male and female representation, and equality and diversity is the one of the main values of the company.

She highlights her exposure as priceless. Faculty can apply for travel support to conferences for dependents, and new faculty who are the primary parent responsible for childcare can have time off from teaching. Thanks to this initiative all the women assimtel in the same office and with the same responsibilities and charge, can exchange their working hours as they want to follow their family schedule. Key to the GenSET philosophy is that gender equality in science improves scientific quality.

Anne brings to the GSMA a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the highly dynamic mobile industry. The principal aims are to identify factors that appear to limit the proportion of women in the STEM workforce, and to seek to introduce measures that may increase the number who rise to senior positions in universities, institutes, public and professional bodies, business and industry.