Forza’s SL series of smart UPS systems is certainly the complete solution for government agencies or private businesses, in the educational, financing and. Forza UPS SLUL VA/W 6 out V Forza UPS SLLCD VA W 6 Out V · Forza UPS SLLCD-D VA/W V. Home › Forza Smart-UPS VA/W 8 outlets V USB SL Forza Smart-UPS VA/W 8 outlets V USB SL Forza. $ $ .

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Surge protection, overload protection, electric discharge and voltage protection Diverts excess voltage ips from connected equipment during power surges or power spikes without reducing battery power used to run primary critical equipment. Resettable circuit breaker Automatically prevents the flow of electricity in an electric circuit as a safety measure upon detecting undesirable high voltage levels.

The unit contains no user serviceable parts; do not attempt to disassemble the unit. Simulated sine wave Voltage: To access the Forza Tracker management software as an administrator, you must enter the password: Voltage regulation is accomplished without switching to battery mode. Power filters Reduces electromagnetic interference EMI fotza radio frequency interference RFI to block unwanted noise, providing clean and distortion-free electricity to all power outlets.

Forza UPS SLUL VA/W 6 out V: Better Deals

This unit is shipped from the factory with its internal battery fully charged, however, some charge may be lost during shipping and the battery should be recharged prior to use. LCD touch screen Management software: Can be reset to resume operation. Connect one computer-related device into each power forxa supplied on the back of the UPS. Intelligent battery management Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.

Forza UPS SL-401UL 400VA/240W 6 out 110V

Do not install the UPS in locations nearby running water or excessively humid. Battery backup Supplies battery-derived backup power during blackouts, preventing loss of critical information and minimizing equipment stress caused by a hard shutdown. A battery has the risk of producing electrical shock and high short circuit current. LED status light Warranty: The highest standard of power protection: Charge battery up to 8 hours. Extends battery life by preventing system overloads and controlling charging currents.


Do not try to open the batteries. Thermofuse protection Instantly disconnects the power when internal temperatures become dangerously high. Data line protection Built-in data line protection prevents power surges that travel through telephone or Ethernet lines from causing damage to sensitive electronics.

When replacing batteries, replace with the same number of the sealed lead-acid batteries. Thermofuse Protection Increased reliability and peace of mind Power disconnection function when transformer temperatures become too high.

The SL series counts with UL certification and is a complete solution for government agencies or private businesses in the educational, financing and public sectors.

Forza tracker management software Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPS units through a network connection.

When downloading all required files from the internet, enter the serial No: Battery backup Supplies battery-derived backup power during blackouts, preventing loss of critical information and minimizing equipment stress caused by a hard shutdown.

Touch screen status LCD State-of-the art touch screen cycles through live status of the UPS with detailed information on battery and power conditions, alerting users to potential problems before they can affect equipment and cause costly downtime.

How do I create a company directory Add Company Directory When you create a company directory, users in the directory have access To turn off, press the button again. Inverter and generator compatible Engineered to properly work with frequency variations caused by emergency inverters and backup generators in areas with severe electrical fluctuations.


You can find all documents relevant to your product here Product information in English Download.

gorza Data Line Protection Protection for data signals across phone and network lines Prevents stray charges from damaging your communication equipment. Communication Port Enhanced communication and control capabilities Enables the automatic shutdown function, safely powering down connected computers. Although small in size, it provides the maximum protection against the constant threat of electrical supply outages.

Brainiac Center (knowledgebase)

Add Company Directory When you create a company directory, users in the directory have access Automatic shut-off Guard your equipment against potentially damaging power fluctuations and other irregularities in the electrical supply by shutting down the power when voltage levels become too low or too high.

Definitions of LED Indicators. Delivers reserved energy long enough for equipment to properly shut down. LED visual indicators Simplified monitoring.

See warranty terms for details. UL tested Tested to UL standards for electrical safety and compliance.

How do i configure a Forza UPS and Software – Brainiac Center (knowledgebase) – Pronetsys

Silent design Our fan-less design coupled with uniquely ventilated construction provides an overall solution ideal for quiet environments with less interference and noise obtained from moving internal components.

To enjoy all the features and benefits of this unit, please read and follow all the instructions of installation and operation completely. To reduce the risk of overheating, do not cover the cooling vents. Do not place beverages or any other vessels which contains any kind of liquid nearby the unit.