When I adapted GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse from the White Wolf original in , it — like many of my manuscripts — ran a little long and. GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System. “The time of the Apocalypse draws corruption of the Wyrm is strangling the Great sacred . So i have this love hate relationship with Apocalypse. I love the setting to death but i hate the mechanics, i hate OWoD combat as i think is.

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I deliberately deleted Increased Density from the package, and substituted Damage Resistance, Passive Defense, and Temperature Tolerance to cover something not included in the original package: Attributes and skill penalties are purchased similarly.

This is a apocalhpse good question, and I had to sit down and think for quite a while to figure out what I was thinking when I wrote the Glabro description. Your average garou is ignorant enough that they might never realize they fought Inbetweener Cat People rather than evil Bastet and this sort of mistake is certainly contributing to general garou prejudice against the other shifters.

Garou can be mistaken for them, and in turn most garou would recognize Inbetweeners as corrupted shifters, materialized wyrm spirits, or formori.

I liked Mage best, but then Mage is my favorite White Wolf game by a large margin. Autism isn’t a forgiving condition. While in forsaken a character in the equivalent of rank 3 most likely mastered his auspice 5 renown as he can raise the rest above it, and the ideal elder is a master of all renown as Father Wolf was the apex predator. I don’t really mind the Gnosis and Rage interference, but otherwise, yes.

Find More Posts by BeUrgaust. Like the Gift to purify water. Therefore, I did not reduce the cost of the Garou package by giving points back as Schroeck did ! A specialized Super Luck? Where as if they took a high level of Pure Breed, Ancestor, and Fetish, with the Reputation or Notable Heritage merit to signify that they’re someone with a strong family heritage, and have an heirloom passed down from generation to generation, it would begin to feel more like a character and not just “Pure Breed is really strong so I want it.

Meaning that the idea of going to the umbra to get a mighty gift is lost in forsaken. These are the statistics for my conversion of Werewolf: GURPS is still going to have damage roll issues, mind you. Its add its rating to social rolls challenges against Garou and Kinfolk.


The former is kinda useless when you got the latter. Requiring a roll but only reducing by 2 regardless of success on social rolls. Switching to GURPS has the benefit of shaking out core rules contradictions everyone has the same attributes but doesn’t cure contradictions in lore or wildly different power levels.

Entropic Center of the Universe. Mage worked ok and the skill options were so much better and there were actual rules for technology so that if you wanted a crazy future weapon, you just grabbed Ultra-Tech and had stats.

GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse Fan rules for 4e

Presuming I even want Metis at all, I’m pretty sure I don’t terrible idea – the name is racist, the concept is somewhere between abilist and dumbass, chuck it. The stamina roll can make the combat turn even longer but well it can be dramatic in some cases and add to a player’s agony. I may have rounded one way when originally writing the book, and a different way when recreating the package. Inbetweeners have a foot in the spirit world, and in the mortal world, and are fearsome to both spirits and mortals as a result.

This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. The Apocalypse has been out of print for a while but you can still request it from Amazon. GURPS is solid apocaylpse its wargaming roots, but you’re going to need to get 1 a copy of the core book, which may be rather pricey, and the only pdfs on Drivethru are for a new edition, and 2 a fairly large hexsheet, since it relies heavily on positioning, and you’ll have to tinker with the old GURPS Werewolf: One of those apocalypsw that was left out was a breakdown of how I came up with the cost of the Garou racial package.

A collection of uncommon damage sources, together considered Common “everything but agg damage” is still Very Common, though. Nice, but very complicated I’m disinclined to maintain the breed-based differences between the forms. The more unusual material in Werewolf is going to convert less well, but without the restrictions on abilities apocalypsd, skills, knowledgesit is easier to buy the GURPS skills and have the skills you want.


GURPS Werewolf: the Apocalypse | RPG Item | RPGGeek

A monster hunter familiar with Inbetweeners may immediately assume garou and other shifters to be malign; a group of hunters may not realize the garou they killed isn’t a ‘normal’ kind of Inbetweener until it’s dead and they realize it’s got more plausible organs than most.

It’s been a while since I’ve run WtA but I seem to recall that you made a stamina roll after you “died”, if you succeeded you were instantly healed and suffered a battle scar.

Hey if you get this all worked out and playtested a little. The Apocalypse As for rage, basically it apocaylpse a limited use and with slow recharge you can use it more than that number of times per day.

Even their society is constructed in such a way to allow them that. Find More Posts by naloth. First Werewolf regenerate 1 bashing per apocalypes or 1 lethal if he passes a stamina diff 8 roll. Help Contact Us Go to top. Everything else is just fluff and ideas on how to implement UP rules. If you have a focus on the Werewolf elements, things will be more or less balanced.

Can it offer me a way to run Apocalypse without the issues i find problematic in the current system?

The Apocalypse under the heading “Injury and Apkcalypse, a list of special conditions pertaining to Garou resilience is given. Revised edition tried to harmonize things, with varying success. Especially at higher dice values, like with explosions, where you could be facing, say, 6dx at ground zero of 50 lbs of TNT going off d grps means d6; the system only uses six-siders. This version is heavily influenced by the Robert M.

But I think you’ll be maybe better served by yet another system. Gurpz Posted by naloth As for rage, basically it is a limited use and with slow recharge you can use it more than that number of times per day. The Apocalypse was sourced from the first edition of W: Previous 1 2 Next.