LEGO set database: Metro Park & Service Tower. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Metro Park And Service Tower (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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It will be in my possession for 20 years next June.

Let’s have a look. There’s always been some scale cheating in Lego Town and it’s perfectly fine the vehicle doors can’t open when the cars are parked close together.

And adding the hinges is a very nice touch indeed and one that gives the builder some extra freedom in how to place the finished model in a larger setup. And congratulations on your gold medal.

LEGO Metro Park and Service Tower Instructions , City

Plenty to do on site, and plenty vehicles included to drive across your town. 694 had just gotten my first small Lego set from my grandmother the Victory Racer promo and a few Basic sets from my parents. All this was only amplified when I used to put this model across from my airport runway in my town setup. In step oego, you’re supposed to add a white 1×1 brick in line with the grey 1×2 plate.

Boy was I ever happy!

LEGO Metro Park & Service Tower Set 6394

Great set for parts. We’ve cut up the box and stored the pictures of the alternate models by pasting them on A4-sized sheets of cardboard and putting them in 66394 big folder for safekeeping.

Released in The Netherlands in May ofthis was a flagship set of Town when it first came out. One interesting thing about building the car wash is that the car wash’s top part starts as an upside-down build. I’ll be staying with 4-wide on my layout and I am glad that LEGO is putting out some more 4-wide vehicles this year for us Classic Town fans.


It was one of the centerpieces of my Lego town. I don’t even remember getting this set. The Shell sign in the foreground is three pieces stickered together on both sides.

Thanks for a beautiful review, from a golden age of history when car parks were considered exciting! You need 66394 be a member in order to leave a comment. My battered instructions manual is another testament of times gone by. Anyway, Thanks for the review! Still, it’s great fun seeing this parking structure come together and have all the details added bit by bit.

Register a new account. Compare this to the instructions of the similarly themed Service Station from most importantly parts 2 and 3 leego you’ll quickly spot the difference.

I got this one as my usual Christmas big lego boxe and played hours with it. These instructions go through the model swiftly and economically. We end with putting in lamp posts, the workshop’s jack, flowers and a lovely little tree. S Who’s the jerk that scored a 1 in the votes?? All the signage adds a lot to the model.

Obviously, you can’t place it on the lift and it can only just clear the roof of the parking structure. Customers can go through the 63994 car wash. There are so many details to take in and things to play around with. But when it comes to putting this model in a town made up legi more recent City sets, you might run into a slight scale difference. Also, there’s a Shell torso, which is pretty uncommon.

As a wee lad I always enjoyed causing death and destruction in this way. Sign in Lgo have an account? It was one of the centerpieces of my Lego town Thanks a lot Rapseflaps for this: I lefo have minded if they’d taken off a few Guilders.

LEGO Metro Park & Service Tower Set | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

With no less than five separate vehicles included in this set, we start off with some nice small builds to get us going. The next step also reveals an interesting technique for the operation of the car wash: Other pieces of interest in this set include the minifig motorcycle, the large assortment of car parts, the car wash brushes and the jack.


This, along with the many hours of great playtime I’ve had with this set, is why will always have a special place in my town and in my heart. There’s a great amount of printed pieces and a notably different approach to stickering than we are used to today: This was the common standard for many years in Lego Town and it’s a standard that this model handles very well. This is my favorite Lego town set from my childhood and the biggest one too! While many sets from the late eighties have gotten recent updates became and became part ofa modern update of remains unreleased.

You take a car like the 4WD from and it simply doesn’t fit.

3694 From here on, the parking structure pretty much repeats its first stages for the top floor and we start to build more of the gas station. This is truly one of those definitive all-time classic Town sets.

Thank you for the review. It’s a slide of me on my third birthday, unwrapping my biggest gift of the day: Great review man– there’s a lot of great sets out there we’ve purchased as AFOLs, but there’s no matching the attachment and history of a set you’ve received and enjoyed as a kid.