Se busca la adopción de la Norma Internacional ISO , al ser .. que indica la Ley de Obras Públicas y Servicios Relacionados con. Promulgación de Ley que incentiva la conversión en El valor de las acciones ha sido actualizado al 24/10/14 utilizando la tasa 18, 6, %. CH. GROSS VALDERRAMA SEGUNDO. por-mover-dinero-con-cuenta-naranja/ daily 0.

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Strategic acquisitions and alliances, could expose us to risks with which we have limited or no experience. In addition, all collection proceedings outstanding at the beginning of any bankruptcy or reorganization process of any insolvent debtor must be suspended and creditors are prevented from enforcing their rights against the collateral and other assets of the debtor until the reorganization has been agreed in which case the collection proceeding is resolved within the reorganization agreement or it is declared that no reorganization was agreed.

We wish to caution readers that the following important factors, and those important factors described in other reports submitted to, or filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or the SEC, among other factors, could affect our actual results and could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements made by us or on our behalf.

actualizaca We will continue to consider additional strategic acquisitions and alliances from time to time, inside and outside of Chile and Colombia. Yields on the Colombian benchmark rate reached a high of 5.

We may be unsuccessful in addressing the challenges and risks presented by our operations in countries outside Chile. A worsening of labor relations in Chile or Colombia could impact our business.

New York Stock Exchange. Although we have historically complied with our capital maintenance obligations in the jurisdictions where we operate, there can be no assurance that we will continue to do so in the future. Alvaro Saieh Actualizadz inthe brand name changed to Corpbanca, hired a management team actualizdaa substantial experience in the Chilean financial services industry and commenced a period of significant growth fueled by organic expansion and acquisitions.

We are organized under the laws of Chile and our principal place of business domicilio social is in Santiago, Chile.

Our business and results of operations may be adversely affected if we incur liabilities that are not fully covered by our insurance policies.

For the fiscal actualizaada ended December 31, The Informal Exchange Market reflects transactions carried out at an informal exchange rate. Transaction in the course of payment. In the future, regulations could impose limitations regarding interest rates or fees we charge.


We seek to continue to improve our credit risk management policies and procedures.

Chile: Ley , Orgánica Constitucional De Municipalidades () —

Consequently, this could materially and adversely affect the liquidity, business and financial condition of our customers, which may in turn cause us to experience higher levels of past due loans, and result in higher allowances for loan losses, which could in turn materially affect our asset quality, results of operations and financial conditions.

If the judgment, estimates and assumptions we use in preparing our tax returns are subsequently found to be incorrect, there could be a material adverse effect on our results of operations. In mortgage loans, irrespective of their principal amount or in other loans in which the outstanding amount is greater than SMMLV, prepayment penalties or fees may be charged but only when expressly contemplated under the governing loan agreement.

From time to time, we require our borrowers to collateralize their loans with guarantees, pledges of particular assets or other security. Esta norma establece las especificaciones de calidad para los uniformes de trabajo. We expect to generate synergies resulting from optimization of organizational structures, scalable IT systems, savings related to the branch network and reductions in administrative expenses.

There can be no. Currently, the most important of these factors are the absence of any conflict between the foreign judgment and Chilean laws excluding for this purpose the laws of civil procedure and public policies.

If for any reason, including changes in Chilean laws or regulations, the depositary were unable to convert Chilean pesos to U.

Ya no es necesario trabajar este tema en la industria. If, at the expiration of the extension, the circumstances giving rise to the original suspension have not changed, the CMF will then cancel the relevant listing in the registry of securities.

We are subject to regulatory inspections, examinations and to the imposition of fines by regulatory authorities in Chile and in Colombia. Our ability to remain competitive and achieve further growth will depend in part on our ability to upgrade our information technology actyalizada and increase our capacity on a timely and cost effective basis. Such actuaoizada could be caused by, among other things, software bugs, computer virus attacks, cyber-attacks or conversion errors due to system upgrading.

This Annual Report contains translations of certain Chilean peso amounts into U. This could result in strikes or work stoppages, which could result in substantial losses. El tipo A1b aplica a fibras de This area is responsible for obtaining foreign currency-denominated credit lines from financial institutions outside of Chile.


Establecer las especificaciones para exhibidores de alambre de acero. In some of our credit products, we face competition from department stores, large supermarket chains and leasing, factoring and automobile finance companies, and in the saving products and mortgage loans businesses we compete with mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies and with residential mortgage loan managers Administradoras de Mutuos Hipotecarios.

Financial Services Offered Through Subsidiaries. Este documento no define los requisitos para el desarrollo de programas de declaraciones ambientales tipo III.


We believe that as a result of the Merger, we have greater scale and resources to grow and compete more effectively in Chile and Colombia. In addition, according to article 14 of the Actuakizada No. Contar zctualizada una norma que establezca las especificaciones de calidad de los uniformes de trabajo.

The final agreement is expected to provide FARC with several actuslizada including: Chilean regulations impose restrictions on the share of assets that a Chilean pension fund management company Administradora de Fondos de Pensionesor AFP may allocate: Wholesale Banking also serves our real estate and project finance customers.

Wholesale Banking serves large economic groups, state-owned and private companies, mining companies, utilities, energy, seaports, airports, public hospitals or any business. When actualizwda are brought into Chile for a purpose other than to acquire common shares to convert them into ADSs and subsequently are used to acquire common shares to ,ey deposited into the ADS facility, such investment must be reported to the Central Bank of Chile by the custodian within ten days following the end of each month within which the custodian is obligated to deliver periodic reports to the Central Bank of Chile.

A natural disaster, such as the earthquake and tsunami that affected Chile incould damage some of our branches and automated teller machines, or ATMs, forcing us to close damaged facilities or locations, increased recovery costs as well as cause economic harm to our clients. This segment is served under branches.

However, we cannot assure you that our actyalizada activities would not be materially disrupted if there were a partial or complete failure of any of these primary information technology systems or communication networks.